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About Us  
AimZine for AIM insights

Aimzine Ltd was formed in 2008. We are a small family company run from a village in Buckinghamshire, England.  Aimzine is run by Michael and Carol Crockett who have been investing in small companies for many years.

Aimzine, the FREE on-line magazine, is edited by Michael Crockett and written by Michael and Carol with contributions from a number of contacts with specialised knowledge. Click here to see an example of an Aimzine front page.

Michael writes:- I have been fascinated by AIM listed companies for many years. Like most investors I have had my fair share of disastrous investments, but over the years I have gradually and painfully learned from my errors.  In the midst of the 2002 bear market,  I decided to give up my career in IT Management and devote myself full time to my investment activities.  Since then, my results have been exceptionally good and I have beaten all major UK indices every year. My results have been achieved with the majority of my portfolio being invested in AIM listed companies . Whilst there are numerous investment magazines and websites for investors, many are not well informed and important information is missing from the existing publications. Furthermore, I am keen to see that the Aim market is publicised more widely.    Our goals are to provide our readers with absorbing articles and to help our readers improve their investment returns.

Aimzine is all about AIM listed companies and their shares. Aimzine is written for AIM investors and everyone involved with AIM companies. We are keen to receive comments and suggestions from our readers.  If you have registered with Aimzine, please use the feedback page to write to us. We look forward to hearing from you.

AIMZINE does not tip shares. We never recommend that you buy or sell shares. Rather we offer information to help you with your investment choices.

AIMZINE is different from other investment publications:-

  • Aimzine looks at life from both an investor’s and a company’s perspective
  • Aimzine covers many small companies that you will rarely read about elsewhere
  • Aimzine is FREE
  • Aimzine is independent
  • Aimzine challenges traditional investment approaches
  • At Aimzine we usually meet a Company before we write about it thus enabling us to produce more informed articles

We are keen to widen our readership and would urge all readers to pass on information about Aimzine to anyone who may be interested.  We plan in the future to increase our coverage in the magazine and that Aimzine will be sent more frequently than the initial monthly.   

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" results have been exceptionally good and I have beaten all major UK indices every year. "




different from other investment publications





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